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Supplementary Equipments

STS 50Amp - 400Amp.jpg
Static Transfer Switch
Ultra fast Break Before Make switching eliminates connecting the two sources together even under fault conditions.

Memproduksi IP Sensor dan memberikan solusi sistem monitoring.

1) Multi-Functional Hybrid Inverter System with pure sinewave output;

Power System
AVR 2kVA - 1000kVA.jpg
Automatic Voltage Regulator

e-SERIES AVR is used safely with any computer system, fax and photocopy machines, industrial, medical, laboratory, Office appliances and household.

SVR 5kVA - 90kVA.jpg
Static Voltage Regulator
Working on the principle of “changing coils” , the SVR feeds the user equipment from its own auto – transformer.Coil changes prevent fluctuations in the supply voltage thus ensuring the safe operation of the electrical equipment.

 Isolation Transformer is design with special shielded construction which is different from others transformer and has low internal impedance with the result that very fast to response dynamic current.

BATTERY CHARGER 15Amp - 400Amp..jpg
Microprocessor controlled AC/DC Power Supply Automatic constant voltage and constant current ability Adjustable Timer for Boost Charging Adjustable Boost and Float Charge Voltages

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