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IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a: Ping Restarter, Web Watchdog

IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a  PingRestarter Web Wd

Monitors two devices over IP (PING/WEB) or serial line (RS-232), automatically restarts any of them if it stops responding – autonomous ping relay restarter.
The IP WatchDog WR02a periodically monitors the functionality of a device by transmitting or receiving a defined “I'm alive and OK” signal. This signal can be received over IP (PING or WEB) or RS-232 (serial port). If the correct reply is not received in time, the controlled device is restarted using a relay.
The IP WatchDog is a ping relay for 230V or simply ping restarter with two relay outputs. It can monitor two devices (two independent channels, two relays). Each channel can be used for autonomous restart or switched on/off as web relay.
The IP WatchDog WR02a allows flexible configuration – method of functionality detection, switchoff time when restarting.
Industrial applications can benefit from DIN rail mount and internal relays that can directly switch 110/230VAC, max 16A. Failures are detected with five distinct methods, separately for each channel (Ping Tx/Rx, Web page Tx/Rx, RS-232 Rx data).

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