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Damocles 1208

Damocles 1208: I/O over Ethernet

Digital inputs (12) and outputs (8) on a network. Box-to-Box mode to connect inputs with outputs over a network. E-mail alert when an input is closed, DI pulse counters.
Damocles features a Web interface, 12 digital inputs (dry contacts) and 8 outputs (open collector). Industrial model, fits on a DIN rail.
When an input contact is closed / opened / changed, the Damocles sends an email with configured text and/or a SNMP Trap.
•Pulse counter 32-bits on every input
Box-2-Box mode: Outputs can becontrolled over an IP network using sensors of another device
M2M protocols: SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML (over HTTP)
Box-2-Box mode: The outputs of a Damocles unit can be controlled by another Damocles or Poseidon unit. States of Poseidon/Damocles inputs (closed contacts) can be reflected on Damocles outputs. In this mode, no PC or software is necessary. The units can be located in different buildings. Communication takes place using SNMP Traps.

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