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On-Line Double Conversion Technology
1 phase in / 1 phase out 5kVA to 10kVA, 3 Phase in / 1 Phase Out 10kVA
Tower & Rack Convertible

1)On-Line 'Double Conversion' Technology
2)Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Controller
3)Parallel redundant operation up to 4 units
4)Increased Input Power Factor (0,99)>
5)Convertible display helps to use both for tower and rack applications
6)High Performance with the PWM Sine wave Topology
7)Cold Start Function
8)Intelligent Battery Management System extends the life time of batteries
9)Overload, Overheat & Short Circuit Protections
10)User Friendly Multi-Functional LED/LCD Display Panel
11)Energy Saving Mode (ECOMODE)
12)Smart Fan Speed Regulation with temperature controlled
13)RS232 Communication Port & Management Software
14)Internal SNMP, Dry Contact RS485 Card Options
15)Input Power Factor Correction PFC
16)High output power factor (PF: 0.9)
17)Transformerless Design
18)Low total harmonic distortion (THD)level
19)Availability to configure as 50/60Hz Frequency Converter from LCD Panel

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