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1) Multi-Functional Hybrid Inverter System with pure sinewave output;

 - Availability to use as Solar Inverter with connection to solar panels for Photovoltaic Off-Grid System applications

 - Availability to use as long back up UPS or Inverter with high capacity Lead Acid or Gel battery group,

2) Powerful Charger with 40 - 60Amp charge current capability,

3) Digital Control with Microprocessor controller,

4) Advanced LCD Control Panel,

5) Power Saving Feature with Highly Efficiency design,

6)Low Heat Dissipation for Long Time Operation,

7)Practical Design operating with almost all type of high capacity batteries,

8)Compatibility with Linear and Non-Linear Loads,

9)Perfect Indoor UPS: clean, noise-free and odorless,

10)Overload, Short Circuit, Low Battery Protections,

11)Wall Mountable Design,

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